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Death of and Innocent

I didn't drink and drive so why am I the one to die. A video essay.

Teen Drinking PSA

Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix
Spokesperson and 2012 US Gymnastic Team Captain Aly Raisman

Moms, you are the leading influence in your kid's decision not to drink alcohol.

Learn how to start the conversation with

Without a single word, this says it all.

A U.K seatbelt PSA learn more and view it here.

Young Drivers: The High Risk Years

View this youtube video.


How It Began....

Choices 301 is the result of Ed Frank, Jr. wanting to give something back to the community. One of Ed's hobbies was stock car racing. He wanted to bring a message to young people that speed was proper for the racetrack, but not our highways. He also wanted to stress the importance of seat belt use. He used his stock car as a visual tool to demonstrate the 5-point restraint seat belt system.

Ed would have been proud to see how his idea has grown into the program it is today. The Choices 301 program is dedicated to the memory of our son.

--- Ed and Shirley Frank ---

Program Goals

To raise awareness in both our youth and adults regarding the importance of safe driving-- use of seat and lap belts, observance of proper speed limits, and especially the need for abstinence of alcohol and other drugs when operating motor vehicles.

Choices 301 Inc.

The Choices 301, Inc. program focuses on the dangers of Driving While Intoxicated (DWl), Aggressive/Extreme Driving and the crashes, injuries and deaths which can and do result from one poor choice or bad decision.

The program takes a multi-faceted approach aimed at educating the public about the realities and dangers of DWl, aggressive and extreme driving behavior and the failure to utilize the proper passenger restraint devices in motor vehicles.

Choices 301 Inc. is located at:
6378 Gun Club Rd.
The Beacon of Hope Care Center,
Altamont , N.Y.

The program is available to schools, businesses and the general public. Several areas of concern covered are:

  • Victim impact panels - presented by individuals whose lives have been impacted by those who chose to drink and drive.
  • Driver Education Classes - deals with a variety of alchol and other drug related topics.
  • Parent Program - Provides presentations on topics such as hosting safe party guidelines, social host liability, and overview of current drug and alcohol trends.
  • All programs are provided free of charge.

The Golf Cart is the newest addition to the Choices 301, Inc. DWI Awareness Program. One of the functions of the cart is to provide the operator with a simulated impaired driving experience. This is accomplished with the use of "Fatal Vision Goggles." The goggles allow the operator of the cart to experience the difference between normal and impaired driving conditions. Licensed operators navigate a specially designed course to test their driving skills, both with and without the Fatal Vision Goggles. The cart is equipped with a remote control devise, allowing it to be stopped in case of an emergency. Other equipment on the cart include seatbelts, headlights, directional signals, roll bar and taillights. All the equipment listed illustrates the need for safe driving practices.

These displays show the consequences of bad decisions... .from possible jail time to death. The accidents depicted involve real, local people whose lives have either ended abruptly or been forever changed by driving while intoxicated, speed and/or aggressive driving.

Among other things, CHOICES 301, Inc. works in conjunction with the Albany County STOP-DWl Program to share this valuable awareness program with the high schools and colleges in the capital region in an effort to decrease the likelihood that our youth will make poor decisions that can have lifelong consequences